Diploma in VFX Film Making
One Year Program

The 12 Months VFX film making program is an introduction to Live Action, 3D and 2D Compositing using Maya™, Fusion and other Industry 2d and 3D tracking software’s. Students get exposed to visual effects in live action movies and International Animation Series. At the end of 12 months student would be able to do a live action VFX project.

1. Fundamentals

  • Basics of 3D
  • Basics of Composting

2. Specialization - VFX

  • Particle dynamics
  • Rigid bodies
  • Soft bodies
  • Fluids
  • Real flow
  • Crowd
  • Match moving
  • Matte shots
  • Rotoscope
  • Wire removal
  • Color Corrections

3. Portfolio Development

  • Student will develop a complete animation film with the guidance of Industry mentor from concept development to end output.
    The Academy offers internship program to the students for long term courses ( duration 1 year or more ) as a part of the curriculum.